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    The importance of learning Mandarin Chinese is increasing day by day in every international company. We don’t simply offer Chinese classes but also take a look at cultural customs, and during our intensive courses, we focus on intercultural communication and Chinese business language. Mastering the Chinese language will open new worlds. You will probably fall in love with Chinese, like many before you.  

    Do you wish to travel to Shanghai, do business in Shenzhen or visit Beijing? An intensive Mandarin Chinese course will quickly put you on the right track.

    We provide private Chinese courses and Chinese courses in small groups, customized to professionals, explorers and those eager to learn. At the end of your Mandarin language training, you will be able to live, negotiate and do business in Chinese.

    What can you expect? Every Monday, you can start your business Chinese course. Day in, day out from that day, you will speak Mandarin with a select group of professionals like yourself. You learn how to negotiate, write emails, animate a business lunch in Chinese… In short: everything a professional needs. Tell us what you want and we give you individual advice. Our language tutors make sure that all classes are taught in the frame of your field of work, to get you to master the professional jargon in Chinese. We will immerse you in this world language, so you can go home with a solid dose of self-confidence and energy!

    What our students say

    What our students say