Total French Immersion
    Learn French in Normandy
    Stay at "Le Relais du Hibou"

    3500 € incl. VAT
    Explore dynamic French learning at the peaceful Vittefleur, Normandy with Language Teams. Transition from urban commotion to a vibrant environment filled with stimulating language education.
    Our programs aim at improving general and professional communication across a variety of sectors including Sales, HR, Healthcare, Tech, Finance, and Insurance. Improve presentation skills, craft compelling elevator pitches, navigate business calls, write professional emails, engage in small talk confidently, and negotiate effectively.
    We offer flexible learning modes: e-learning modules, individual classes, group sessions, language-learning trips, language@lunch, and breakfast conversation sessions.
    Join our limited 2-6 participant groups with professionals diving into French learning. Start your Language Teams journey today and let's build a multilingual future together.

    We offer a full French program
    8h45-9h15: Breakfast with the teacher
    9h30-11h30: Morning sessions - General communication
    11h45-12h15: Language@lunch
    12h30-14h30: Afternoon sessions - professional communication/linguistic excursions
    14h45-15h45: Relax & Study.
    16h15-17h15: Private sessions - tailored language skills training
    18h15-19h15: Speak & Dine